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      Open Lab Space - ECE Building
      306 N. Wright St.
      Urbana, IL 61801
News - 4/25/2024 Update: N9DN
Subject: Website, Discord, and Slack
It's been a minute since the website was updated, but we're getting it cleaned up. Current club discussions happen on a combination of Slack and Discord, and very occasionally the mailing list. If you are an Illinois/UIUC ham and want to get on the slack or discord, reach out to Debbie, N9DN or one of the current officers and we'll get you set up.
News - 1/25/16 Update: KC9LXT
Subject: Monthly Net
Synton nets will be held monthly on the first Wednesday at 8 PM of every month that regular classes are held. Our next net will be February 3rd, 2016 on 444.525 PL 162.2. Hope to see you there!
News - 1/23/15 Update: n9dn
Subject: Spring plans
Synton has moved our equipment into the Student Open Lab in the new ECE building. We need help unpacking and setting up the station. We could also use some officers! If you have a Ham license or are interested in getting one, join our mailing list and help us get things setup at the new location.
News - 8/29/11 Update: n9dn
Subject: Fall plans
Synton has a table for Engineer's night. Stop by and visit, then join the mailing list Synton-L to be part of the fall planning. Classes? Fox hunts? what are you interested in?
News - 12/10/08 Update: n9dn
Subject: Website update
After a long hiatus, the website is being brought back into a semblence of support, with this year's officer info, etc.
News - 09/08 Update: n9dn
Our Meetings (subject to change per request):
Time: 2pm Thursdays on the 1st and 3rd full week of the month.
Place: 330D Everitt
News - 08/19/06 Update: kc8plb
Our Meetings (subject to change per request):
Time: 12 noon Thursdays on the 1st and 3rd full week of the month.
8 pm Thursdays on the 2nd and 4th full week of the month.
Place: 330D Everitt
News - 09/11/05 Update: kc8plb
Subject: Synton Open House, September 15, 2005
Everyone is invited to join us at the Synton Open House, Thursday, September 15, 2005 at 8 PM. We will be meeting in room 330d of Everitt Lab. Come find out about the club, and get a tour of the shack. There will be pizza and drinks to follow.
News - 09/11/05 Update: kc8plb
Our Meetings (subject to change per request):
Time: 12 noon Wednesdays on the 1st and 3rd full week of the month.
8:00 PM Thursdays on the 2nd and 4th full week of the month.
Place: 330D Everitt
News - 01/22/05 Update: kc8plb
Token Update: Start of the new semester, meetings are in room el330d, at 12p on Wednesdays. Please feel free to stop by!
News - 08/24/04 Update: kc8plb
Synton made a showing at Quad Day today. Information will be sent out to everyone regarding the first meeting of the hear shortly. Synton will resume it's Wednesday @ 12pm lunch meetings, and have an informal meeting Thursday nights at 8pm, before the TCARC 2m net @ 9pm.
News - 04/25/04 Update: kc8plb
From Steve Hilberg:
I just wanted to thank all of you again for helping out Saturday morning with the March of Dimes WalkAmerica. It's a good opportunity to publicize the public service aspect of ham radio and help out a good cause at the same time.
Pictures are here.
News - 04/10/04 Update: kc8plb
Congratulations to the team consisting of Synton member Chris Viger and area ham Josh Tolbert for finding the fox.
News - 04/08/04 Update: kc8plb
A couple people expressed interest in the foxhunt I proposed in an email a while ago, and here are the details:

This saturday, hunters will meet between Engineering Hall and Everitt Lab at 11am. The fox will be hiding on campus between the bounds of Lincoln Ave & University Avenue, to First St. & Flordia Ave. Since we are on campus, this is an on foot hunt. The frequency being used will be 446.50 MHz.

If anyone needs some equipment, let me know and I can get some stuff togother. We have a spare antenna, a couple offset attenuators, and an HT.

So the rundown:
Saturday Apr 10 @ 11am.
Meet at Everitt lab/Engineering Hall
Lincoln & University - First & Flordia
446.50 MHz

News - 02/22/04 Update: kc8plb
The 2m FM challenge is tomorrow night, Febuary 23, from 8 - 9 pm CST. We will be meeting in 330d at 7:30 to get setup.
If anyone wants to be the club webmaster, let me know... (On a side note, I have fixed our old uiuc rso hosted web page to redirect to here now.)
News - 08/28/03 Update: kc8plb
As the Fall semester starts, look here for information about the start of Synton for the semester. The meetings are going to be at a different time this semester; most likely Turrsday evenings at 1900 or 1930. I'll send mail to the list for when the first meeting is. Hope to see some new faces this year. And I'll try on keeping this website much more up to date than I have in the past.
News - 02/24/03 Update: kc8plb
After long waits, and much trial and tribulation, W9YH/R is now operational.
The club received the repeater (Motorola) last Thursday afternoon, and we got it operational that day. However, the next day after cleaning the repeater and trying to power it up again, we 'disturbed' the former residents of the power supply, and burnt them out... After yet another cleaning, and evicting the hornets nest and spiders, we had the machine back online, except it didn't transmit anymore. After spending a large chunk of time on Saturday, by the evening the machine was finally transmitting again after a mosfet mod. Thanks to n9goc for helping us test the machine... ~5 min after getting it on the air again. Today, we received the controller, and successfully interfaced it to the repeater via the mod to the squelch card that Mark did. Initially, the controller did not work, but after tracing down bad components, the controller finally started to respond on the air, but would not allow us to program it. Back to the drawing board, we were noticing that the receive audio was horrid, despite working fine on Saturday night. We later note that the metal plates for RFI shielding really do work, a lot. So all in all, the repeater is in pretty good shape now, the controller is programmed, and the audio is in relatively decent shape now. However, the machine is on a 'control op next to the repeater' mode right now, until we ensure the stability of the machine. Mark is going to be in the office most of the day tomorrow, so the machine will be up most of the day. Feel free to drop in or try it out.

I'll post pictures of the machine on the club site soon.

PL 103.5


News - 01/30/03 Update: kc4enn
Well, Even with access to a sane editor our updates are still slow. Sorry folks, We're students.

The first general meeting of Synton was held Wednesday January 29, 2003. We were delighted to receive one new ham. Several projects have been suggested, but most should wait until it is warmer.
News - 09/28/02 Update: kc8plb
Our site is now hosted at w9yh.ece.uiuc.edu on our 'new' Sun Ultra 1. Now that we can actually use a sane editor to modify the site, it will be updated more often.
News - 01/31/02 Update: kc8plb
The Synton Amateur Radio Club now has a new web site. Standby for further updates while I upload all the content.
(Very) Old News
Ex-president Tim Shy, KM4KS, tooks photos as our old building, Physics House III was being demolished. You can see them here . Please note that until I get an index page name, you'll have to click on each file name to see the picture, most pictures are 32k in size. They're in time order.
Upcoming Exams
The Twin Cities ARC sponsors exams this year on April 21, July 21, and October 20 at the Fire Service institute in Champaign. The exams start at 1pm. Please contact Debbie, N9DN, (n9dn@arrl.net) for more information.
Synton has a net-news group, uiuc.org.synton (click here if you want to read it with your browser) for discussion of Amateur Radio & Synton related topics.
Mailing list
Synton also has a mailing list, synton-l (click here to browse the archives, and to sign up for the list.) The purpose of this list is for the discussion of Amateur Radio & Synton related topics.