Syntogram for August, 1997

A Note From the Editor...

We decided the best time of the month for a newsletter was at the beginning, so this one is a little short, since we had one on the 17th of July. Next month we'll probably have a little more content. If you'd like something in the newsletter (articles, ham-equipment for sale, etc.) please get it to me by the 25th of the month for inclusion in the next newsletter. Expect to see a newsletter once a month from now on, you can find it on the synton-l mailing list, the newsgroup, and as a link off the synton web page <>. The goal of the newsletter will be to update you on the club, provide you with articles of interest to hams on a local, national and global scale, and anything else you want to see in the newsletter. Please send newsletter suggestions (content, format, anything you can think of) to

Letter from the President (Tim Shy, KM4KS) :

Hi members!

July has whizzed by and it looks like August will go just as fast. With September, I know the hours ... the fun hours especially ... will become very tight indeed, and ham radio time may get buried under your personal pile of homework, exam crams, term projects and the daily struggle of keeping up with the course. As such, this month might be our last good month for awhile to get some good times in with the club before those good times become mighty precious (and all too rare).

I feel like we're within a fingertip of completing all kinds of projects:
330C Everitt Lab will look spiffy when we get all our awards hung up, and some more member QSL's decorating our front windows. Plan on using the easy chair in 330C for some relaxation or serious study -- a nice break from Grainger or your dingy office.

I've got faxes and email going out this week to a dozen retailers for prices on an Icom R-100, AOR 3000 and Icom R-8500 scanning receiver to upgrade our SWL capability. One of these will be a "winner", and this will put the world at our fignertips in 330C for some good shortwave listening. If you know of anyone who is far from home right now and might enjoy
hearing shortwave in their home language from their home nation, please "spread the word" that they'd be welcome to the SWL side of the hobby!

Our packet station now has the radio in its special bracket, the TNC and the terminal. We just need to hook up power, get cables running between the components, and move our VHF antenna coax from one window to another in Everitt and we're in the packet business. This part of the hobby makes a delightful switch from from the Internet, with far fewer advertisements!

But the ideas can't stop there. Check out 330C and Physics House III, and make sure we hear your good ideas of how we can keep Synton a first-class campus amateur radio club. And let that pride show ... tell a fellow ham or friend about us and invite them to our Wednesday lunch meeting.

73 Tim

PS> It was a pleasure to re-appoint Tor, N4OGW, as W9YH Station Manager, and to welcome Mark, N9GPA, as our Public Service Manager. Mark will keep us connected to the Champaign County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) organization and we welcome him to the team. Look for Chris, N9RQW, to step in as QSL Manager as soon as I get the backlog cleaned up, and I'll continue to be the Engineering Council Representative. Please give these folks your support!

Club News:

Please welcome a new member: Mark Belding (N9GPA)
[pay your dues and see you name here -ed]

Synton Election Results:

Officer Postions:

President: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Vice President: Still Vacant (inquire within)
Treasurer: Wayne Wagner (AA9DY)
Secretary: Debbie Fligor (KA9JYI)


Station Manager: Torsten Clay (N4OGW)
QSL Manager: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Public Service Manager: Mark Belding (N9GPA)
Engineering Council Representative: Tim Shy (KM4KS)

Handbook Sales:

Synton sold one ARRL handbook for the month of July. We have 10 left and are asking for everyone to help in selling the rest. They are going for $30 each. Any ideas? e-Mail:

Treasurer's Report:
Financial figures for July 30, 1997:

Checking: $857.28
Savings: 463.15
Voucher: 412.62

Club Activities:

Synton is planning a cookout for the month of August. let us know which night works for you: Friday 15th, Sat 16th, Sunday 17th, Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th. Get your date preferances in by the 11th, and I'll send out a note to synton-l and with the winning date. All members and interested parties are welcome. Brats (regular and turkey), veggie burgers, soda, and chips will be provided, so let me know what kind of sandwitch you prefer and how many people are coming. If you prefer something else to eat, feel free to bring it and grill it yourself. contact me via email <> or call 244-4446 (work).

73 de ka9jyi
Last modified: Friday, September 26 1997