Syntogram for July, 1997

A Note From the Editor...
Greetings, and please welcome back the Synton ARC newsletter the Syntogram. Our officers for the summer thought that our membership and potential membership would like to know what's going on in the club these days. Expect to see a newsletter once a month for at least the next year, you can find it on the synton-l mailing list, the newsgroup, and as a link off the synton web page <>. The goal of the newsletter will be to update you on the club, provide you with articles of interest to hams on a local, national and global scale, and anything else you want to see in the newsletter. Please send newsletter suggestions (content, format, anything you can think of) to .

Letter from the President (Tim Shy, KM4KS):
There is nothing more rewarding than being President of a really good club, and this is the lucky position I find myself in right now.

I am especially happy to thank members who have turned out so regularly to keep our Physics House III dipole in the sky: Debbie, KA9JYI, Tor, N4OGW, and one of our newer members, Rich, KB8LOE. Hopefully, we have things in good shape for the time being. Now, we can enjoy operating the HF gear in Physics House III, and I encourage everybody to take a hand at doing so!

Special congratulations to Tor, N4OGW, who racked up over 700 contacts during the recent CQ WPX contest using the W9YH call. That's a lot. I know, because I'm busy filling out all of his QSL cards!

It's been a real pleasure to see how good our turnouts have been during Wednesday lunchtimes at 330C Everitt Lab. Please mark your planners and feel free to stop in and "brown bag" it for a few minutes. Always feel free to bring a friend or a fellow ham! Synton will be buying lunch for the whole gang later this month ... please watch your email for the announcement.

By the way, Wayne, AA9DY, has turned into our "Vice President of 330C EL Interior Decorating" in addition to his Treasurer's duties. Make sure you pass your suggestions to him, and pat him on the back for a job well done. We're still striving to make 330C somewhat of showplace, and every little improvement helps.

A good club depends on member feedback ... so please make sure I hear yours! We have a couple of decisions to make in the very near future: which SWL General Coverage Receiver to buy, and some thoughts on which magazines we should subscribe to. Let me know what you think!

Club News:

Officers for the summer are:
President, QSL mgr: Tim Shy, KM4KS <>
Treasurer: Wayne Wagner, AA9DY <>
Station Mgr: Torsten Clay, N4OGW <>
Advisor: Jim Coleman, KA6A <>

Officer elections for the '97-'98 school year will be held at the lunch meeting on July 30th. We must have a president and treasurer to stay registered. We also have defined offices of Secretary and Vice-President for our club. If you're interested in being an officer next year, drop me a note, I'd be happy to tell you in more detail what the duties of the different offices entail (not much). The basic duties are:

President -- appoint an Engineering Council rep, or go yourself (meetings are once a month), appoint a station manager, attend the required 1 hour RSO training class, represent the group to campus.

Vice-President -- help the president, coordinate speakers for the meetings (we haven't done this for a while, but would like to try and have some presentations this fall), arrange for food at the presentations (this doesn't mean they have to pay for it).

Treasurer -- take the 1 hour RSO class, maintain the books, pay the bills.

Secretary -- take minutes at business meetings, write any official letters, write the newsletter.

In case you haven't been by lately, we have 2 HF antennas at Physics House III (thanks to Tor, N4OGW). Feel free to stop by the room if you've got a key, and use the eqiupment. If you don't have a key and are interested in visiting or using the station, please let someone know. Many of us would be happy let you in.

Membership Drive: If you're interested in joining or re-joining the club, you're in luck! In order to promote interest in the club as well as the hobby, Synton is offering free membership to people that are interested. With regular membership you get a key to our room at Everitt Lab, 330C, and have the option of getting a key to the station at Physics House III for a refundable $50 key deposit. Meetings are informal lunchs on Wed. from 12-1. Bring your own meal on the weeks the club doesn't spring for pizza.

QEX? The club's subscription to CQ VHF has run out. It doesn't look like there is much interest in renewing it, so we're discussing what would be a good replacement. QEX has been suggested since it is full of interesting projects and is also not too expensive. What do you think? Let Tim know your opinion.

Treasurer's Report:
Checking $898.11
Savings $463.15
Voucher $412.62

Total => $1773.88

Local Exams!
The Twin City Amateur Radio Club (TCARC) runs ARRL sponsered exams 4 times a year, and one of them will be this weekend. The exams will be held at 1pm on Sunday, July 20th at the Fire Service Institute. the Fire Service Institute is located on Gerty Drive a little West of the U of I Credit Union on South First St. For more information or directions please contact Howard Eskridge, K9GYI (, 333-3800) or me, Debbie Fligor, KA9JYI (, 244-4446).

That's it for the first edition of the Syntogram in 1997!

73 de ka9jyi

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