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Hi Syntonians!

As I write this letter, I can hear the rumble of trucks and the clanking of construction equipment hauling away the last remains of Physics House III -- Synton’s "shack." Today, June 5th, was not a particularly happy day in the 75-year history of the club. Earlier today, I watched a large clamshell bucket crash through the splintering roof trusses of PH III and reminded myself that the club has undoubtedly been through far worse times and has overcome far greater defeats. Certainly there is a tribute list for PH III -- both former President Paul Schimel, N9NJP and former W9YH station manager Tor Clay, N4OGW, come to mind -- as two who did so much to make PH III the excellent facility that it was. We enjoyed their work and thank them for all that they did.

How did all this come about? Last fall, I heard informally that the University was planning to demolish Physics House III to make way for an addition to the neighboring Advanced Computation Building. Faculty advisor Prof. Jim, KA6A, club treasurer Debbie, N9DN, and Prof. Steve, K9AN, talked with the College of Engineering about an alternative site for Synton. As demolition time drew near, the club was offered an unused research trailer at the University’s Aeronomy Research Site off campus. Although we appreciated the College of Engineering’s good-faith effort, this off-campus site offered little advantage to the club. In my view, the site would have been prohibitively inconvenient. In addition, the club would have been charged for a portion of the utilities needed to heat and light the trailer. We decided our resources -- both time and money -- would be best spent improving our installation in 330D Everitt Lab. We accepted the College of Engineering’s offer of temporary storage space for our extra furniture and equipment that wouldn’t fit in the already-cluttered space of 330D.

Over the Memorial Day holiday, Alijeet, KB9UBQ, and I moved the key radios and club records over to 330D, and packed what remaining items we could. Debbie met the University movers on Tuesday, May 30th to coordinate the transfer of our furniture and surplus equipment to storage. Debbie discovered at once that we had received a lucky break: the storage facility had been changed from the Nuclear Radiation Lab to the long, low building (termed "Warehouse One" by the moving crew) just south of PHIII. Moving awkward items such as tower sections and heavy equipment was now (relatively!) less difficult and less painful. The last of the antennas were removed Wednesday by Debbie, Jay, KD5EOQ, and long-time Synton friend and supporter Mark, KA9SZX. A grand Synton "thank you" to all for a job well done under difficult circumstances.

Equipment arrived Friday, June 2nd, and demolition work began promptly this morning, June 5th. By 2 p.m., PH III was a pile of twisted metal, broken concrete blocks, smashed glass and splintered lumber.

Although this has been a heartbreaking day for me, I remembered what my 6-year old nephew said when his 2-year old sister knocked over his tower of toy blocks: "That’s OK, because I’ll build a better one." This is an excellent outlook, and will stay in my mind as we make the very most of what we have to work with in 330D Everitt Lab. I hope you will join me in looking to a brighter future, and remember only the good times of our past. Let’s work together to "build a better one!"

As a first practical step, we will be purchasing a new dual-band rig with power supply and magnetic mount antenna to kick off our new "old home" in 330D. Read more about this in the "SYNTON NEWS" stories below.

Have an outstanding summer, Syntonians. Join us at 330D sometime and share your views on the future for the club. In the meantime, see you around the shack or around the bands.

73 Tim, KM4KS
Synton ARC President


New Equipment! New radio to decorate 330D soon. An Icom Ic-2800H 2m/70cm dual-band radio has been chosen along with a Diamond NR770HNMO dual-band antenna with a mag mount base, and an Astron 20A metered power supply (for the Dayton price of a 20A-no meter supply, thanks Milt, K9QZI, and Aventrade for the great deal). We already have the power supply in hand, and I hope to put the order in for the radio and antenna tomorrow morning, so that we have the new system up and running in the first week of summer classes.

330D Keys -- Members are encouraged to check out keys to 330D Everitt Lab. As Synton members, you are entitled to an electronic "key" to open the front door of Everitt Lab after hours, and the standard metal door key to open Room 330D. If you do not currently have keys, and wish to check out keys, please contact Tim, KM4KS <>. He will add you to the official access list, Prof. Jim, KA6A will forward this list to ECE’s Ms. Rody Negangard in Room 159 Everitt Lab, and she will issue you the necessary keys.

PH III Keys -- Members holding keys to Physics House III will discover shortly that their keys no longer work, as the building is gone! If you wish, you are entitled to a refund of your $50 key deposit. Please contact Tim, KM4KS, <> to turn in your PH III key. Some members have donated their key deposit to the club. This is much appreciated, and Synton thanks you for your generosity.

License Examinations -- Next chance to test locally will be with the Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club (TCARC). They will be holding ARRL-VEC
license examinations on Sunday, July 16th, 1 p.m., at the Fire Service
Institute Building. Please bring picture identification, both the original and a copy of your license and certificates of successful completion (CSCE), and the $6.65 fee.


Handbook Sales -- Anyone need a 1999 Handbook? At a good price? Two are still available in Room 330D EL.


July 16 -- ARRL Test Session, 1 p.m., Fire Service Institute Building. Please bring photo ID, and both the original and a copy of your license, any Certificates of Successful Completion (CSCE), and the $6.65 fee.


Checking 235.96
Savings 475.91
Voucher 357.66
TOTAL 1069.53

Treasurer’s note: most of the savings account is key deposits. As people return their keys and get their refund, this will go down substantially.


President: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Vice President: -- Vacant --
Treasurer: Debbie Fligor (N9DN)
Secretary: -- Vacant --
Station Manager: -- Vacant --
QSL Manager: -- Vacant --
Public Service Manager: Mark Belding (N9GPA)
Engineering Council Representative: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Advisor: Prof. Jim Coleman (KA6A)

Last modified: Monday, June 12 2000