Issue 6 February 1998

A note from the Editor
First, another apology. I've been trying to get too many things done at once, and this is a VERY late February newsletter (March will be here in four more days). I hope to be more on the ball next month and get the newsletter out in the first half of the month, not the last week!

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A letter from the President

Hi Syntonites!

The winter semester is off to a good start. I was extra pleased to poke my
head into our new 330D Everitt Lab space and see how much progress has been
made in there. Kudos to all for getting things "shelved" and set up for
business ... and extra kudos to all for making this transition so

We haven't lost sight of our four-goal mission for 330D: a good shortwave
listening post, a packet station, a computer loaded with amateur design and
license study software, and an internet connection with World Wide Web
browser. Although the move has been somewhat disruptive, we still have a
chance to make enormous progress in the next few months before the
"coursework bulldozer" runs us over again in the spring!

A final word this month on 330D Everitt Lab ... please be sure and swap out
your old "330C" key for a new one, or request a "first issue". Not taking
advantage of our space in 330D is like missing half the fun! Rody
Negangard in Room 159 Everitt Lab will fix you up with everything you need.
Please check in with me if there is a "permission problem".

One of the joys of being president of a good organization is hearing the
good ideas of members. Wayne, AA9DY, has an excellent idea to focus a few
of our future Wednesday meetings: Wayne suggests we could have a
"brainstorm" theme for some meetings, or meetings where we could design
some publicity artwork or help with shack decorations. I personally think
this sounds excellent and would welcome this chance to "float" this idea
your way to see if you agree.

A couple of things are showing up on the "future plans" radar screen for
Synton: I've gone ahead and done something which might seem crazy at first
blush ... committed Synton to an 11-meter Citizens Band operation in
support of Engineering Open House (EOH). I've agreed personally to act as
dispatcher for EOH and handle communications on CB channel 10 with the many
school busses which will arrive on campus on Friday, March 13th. Although
I'm the first to agree that CB "ain't" ham radio, I felt the favorable
publicity for the club would outweigh a small difference in operating
frequency! Let me know if you know where I might find a CB base station
which could be rigged in Kenney Gym annex, and an antenna which we could
mount temporarily on the roof.

In the spirit of EOH, I would love to have Synton exhibiting "on its own",
even if we do no more than simply operate W9YH from Physics House III and
welcome visitors. Nothing would please me more than sending a video
picture of the W9YH operator to a prominent location in Everitt Lab where a
sign could encourage the interested to walk a few steps to Physics House
III for an "eyeball QSO". My guess is that we would shake a few more hams
out of the campus community who may still be unaware that Synton exists,
and would bring ham radio to the attention of some prospective new

So what do I need from you? In a word ... FEEDBACK! Let me know what you
think and let us all benefit from your good ideas and good advice.

And speaking of good things ... keep your eye open for a future issue of
"Ingenuity" which should feature an excellent article on Synton! Thanks to
all who helped Ingenuity reporter Jamie Hutchinson as he gathered material
for his story!

CU Wednesdays!

73, Tim

Club News:

EOH is comming up. If you've got any cool ideas, be sure and stop by for lunch on a wednesday and fill us all in.

Treasurer's Report:
ACCOUNT BALANCES as of 2/12/98

Checking... $829.51
Savings.... $464.76
Voucher.... $262.76
Total...... $1557.03

Club Activities:

Got a suggestion for a club activity? send it to the mailinglist!

Local Amateur Radio News:

Twin City ARC is sponsoring an ARRL VE session on Sunday, March 15, 1998. It will start at 1pm, and will be at the Fire Service Institute. If you would like more information, please contact Debbie Fligor, N9DN, either by Email at or phone at 244-4446.

TCARC auction is coming up! It will be held Tuesday, March 10th. Doors open at 6, bidding starts at 7. New this year is a $2 fee to get a bidders number, the money collected will be used for a 50/50 drawing at the end of the auction (the club gets 50% of the money and the winner gets 50%). As always, all Amateur Radio related equipment is welcomed.

Officer list:
President: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Vice President: Still Vacant
Treasurer: Wayne Wagner (AA9DY)
Secretary: Debbie Fligor (N9DN)
Station Manager: Torsten Clay (N4OGW)
QSL Manager: Chris Bochna (N9RQW)
Public Service Manager: Mark Belding (N9GPA)
Engineering Council Representative: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Advisor: Prof. Jim Coleman (KA6A)

de N9DN
Last modified: Wednesday, February 25 1998