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Joint Synton/Twin Cities ARC 2-meter net meets Thursdays at 9 p.m. local on the 146.76 MHz (-600 kHz transmit offset) Champaign repeater. Synton members and University-community hams are especially encouraged to join the net.

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Hi Syntonians!

Wow! That semester sure went by in a hurry. Here’s hoping your finals are going well as you read this, and those end-of-semester projects are coming together.

Look for an announcement soon for the Synton Holiday Party at Papa Del’s Pizzeria. This is always a good time, and the pizza is just as good as the company. Make plans to attend!

This is a good point to see how we’re doing this year. I was proud of how we pulled together to move out of our (luxurious!) Physics House III shack, and then did an excellent job consolidating things in 330D Everitt Lab. We’re enjoying our new 2 meter/70 cm dual-bander, and only need an HF antenna rigged to regain our capability here. The local 444.65 MHz repeater now uses W9YH’s call, and we have any number of good ideas on the board for the club’s future. Congratulate yourselves on an excellent semester!

Over the holidays, please consider taking on one of the leadership challenges within the club. As some of you may be aware, there are some circumstances arising that may limit my ability to continue as club president. I would be very happy to see the club in good hands with an orderly turnover to well-briefed successor! The job is not nearly as hard as I’ve made it seem at times. Leadership service backed by outstanding members such as ours poses very few problems and many rewards. Please consider it!

A final word on safety: with holiday travel on tap for many of us, inspect those mobile installations and be sure everything is in good shape. Keep power supply wires clear of your feet by bundling them up and putting them under the dash. Check connectors and fuses to ensure that dampness from rainy and snowy days has not allowed corrosion to do its dirty deed. Check that antenna to make sure it will work should you desperately need to call (or answer a call) for help. Come back next semester -- alive!

Have an outstanding holiday, and I’ll look forward to seeing you around the shack or around the bands in 2001.

73 Tim, KM4KS
Synton ARC President


Holiday Party -- What days are good for you? Please let Debbie, N9DN, <> know your preferences.

License Examinations -- Next chance to test locally will be with the Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club (TCARC). They will be holding ARRL-VEC license examinations on Sunday, January 21, 2001, 1 p.m., at the Fire Service Institute Building. Please bring picture identification, and both the original and a copy of your license and certificates of successful completion (CSCE).


Handbook Sales -- Anyone need a 1999 Handbook? At a good price? Two are still available in Room 330D EL.

Net Control? -- Anyone interested in representing Synton as net control for the Thursday night 2-meter net. The job is a lot of fun, and a good way to meet many of the local hams. Tell Tim, KM4KS <> if you’re interested in learning more.


TBA -- Synton Holiday Party at Papa Del’s


no change


President: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Vice President: -- Vacant --
Treasurer: Debbie Fligor (N9DN)
Secretary: -- Vacant --
Station Manager: -- Vacant --
QSL Manager: -- Vacant --
Public Service Manager: -- Vacant --
Engineering Council Representative: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Advisor: Prof. Jim Coleman (KA6A)

Last modified: Wednesday, December 27 2000