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Joint Synton/Twin Cities ARC 2-meter net Thursdays at 9 p.m. local 146.76 MHz (-600 kHz transmit offset) Champaign repeater

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Hi Syntonians!

Welcome back ... and my apologies for the late newsletter. I am glad to be back myself from "KL7 land" and ready for another great year of amateur radio on the University of Illinois campus.

Pat yourselves on the back for an impressive job keeping the club rolling ahead during my absence. Nothing makes a president feel better about an organization than seeing things run smoothly in his absence. Kudos to all who helped put Synton front and center at Engineer's Night last month, and followed up with an outstanding Open House on October 1st. During these two events, 15 of our fellow students let us know they were interested in the club and its activities. Let's make sure they feel welcome when we see them again at meetings and future club events.

Synton bids a sad farewell and 73 to two key members this month. QSL Manager Chris, N9RQW, has graduated and will be leaving soon for the west coast, while W9YH Station Manager and former Treasurer Tor, N4OGW, will take up post-doctoral research work at the University of Arizona. Both of these gentlemen will be much missed. Chris's contributions show up in so many places (Chris started the Synton web page), while Tor's expert and dedicated effort to keeping W9YH on the air will be very difficult to replace. Tor is responsible for our current antenna farm, as well as the equipment configuration, and spearheaded the W9YH entry into numerous contests. Their departure highlights how important it is that newer members come forward to fill the gaps, continuing the 74-year history of the club on campus.

1999 would be a great year to push Synton forward into the digital age! We are considering an expansion of our computer capability at the Physics House III location and face the usual questions: Mac or PC? Maybe a Mac running virtual PC software? The answers depend on what work we intend to do with the hardware, and here's where I need your input. Make sure I hear your "wish list" for computer support (mine includes computerized logging!) so that we can make sure Synton is looking after your interests.

Need a quick project you can build in an evening. Plan on attending a J-pole antenna building workshop to be announced soon. Debbie, N9DN, is coordinating the event. Watch for announcements on the mailing list and the newsgroup.

Above all, let's make sure we have a safe month. With cooler weather, heaters become part of our day. Check that housekeeping to make sure flammables are away from heaters. All too often, things are moved near heaters in summer that probably don't belong near heaters in winter. Give your shack -- and Synton's facilities -- a good inspection to make sure we're ready to meet winter's chill. Get those heaters "in the clear".

Have an excellent month, and I'll look forward to seeing you around the shack or around the bands!


Tim, KM4KS
Synton ARC President


License Examinations -- Next chance to test locally will be with the Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club (TCARC). They will be holding ARRL-VEC license examinations on Sunday, October 17th, 1 p.m., at the Fire Service Institute Building.

Handbook Sales -- We still have a pair of '99 Radio Amateur Handbooks for $30 (a $2 break off the cover price). Please pass the word to fellow hams who haven't got a current copy of this valuable reference and idea resource. We'll be ordering our supply of Handbooks for the year 2000 as soon as they are available from the ARRL.

Antenna Workshop -- It'll be the "Night of the J-Pole" as Halloween approaches. This simple but surprisingly efficient antenna is easy to make, and especially useful for 2-meter and 70-cm VHF work. Keep an eye on the newsgroup and the mailing list for a time and place.


70 cm Repeater -- We're still looking for ways to activate our 446.5 MHz repeater. Pass along ideas on what you'd like to see with this project.


Oct 13 -- Weekly meeting, noon to 1 p.m., 330D Everitt Lab

Oct 17 -- Amateur License Examinations, 1 p.m., Fire Service Institute Bldg.

Oct 20 -- Weekly meeting, noon to 1 p.m., 330D Everitt Lab

Oct 22 -- Open House: W9YH operating, 5-6 p.m., Physics House III #10

Oct 27 -- Weekly meeting, noon to 1 p.m., 330D Everitt Lab

Oct 29 -- Open House: W9YH operating, 5-6 p.m., Physics House III #10

Nov 3 -- Weekly meeting, noon to 1 p.m., 330D Everitt Lab


Checking $301.12
Savings $475.91
Voucher $167.66
TOTAL $944.69


President: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Vice President: -- Vacant --
Treasurer: Debbie Fligor (N9DN)
Secretary: -- Vacant --
Station Manager: -- Vacant --
QSL Manager: -- Vacant --
Public Service Manager: Mark Belding (N9GPA)
Engineering Council Representative: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Advisor: Prof. Jim Coleman (KA6A)
Last modified: Monday, November 15 1999