SYNTOGRAM -- Oct, 2000

[Editor’s note -- sorry this is getting out so late, Tim did get it to me in October. Also, we’ve since this was written moved the 2m/70cm antenna for the dual band radio to the roof. We need to do some more work, but so far, it’s working fine. -N9DN]

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Joint Synton/Twin Cities ARC 2-meter net meets Thursdays at 9 p.m. local on the 146.76 MHz (-600 kHz transmit offset) Champaign repeater. Synton members and University-community hams are especially encouraged to join the net.

Please advise Tim, KM4KS,, if you are receiving duplicates of this newsletter, or would like to be added to our e-mailing list.


Hi Syntonians!

Hope things are going well for you as we reach the mid-point of the fall semester. Consider some stress-relief breaks at the club station as a way to improve your efficiency and productivity. And it’s cheaper than coffee.

Look for the W9YH call sign to show up in a new place. Long-time Synton friend and supporter Al, K9SI (formerly WB9OIH), reports that the 444.65 MHz repeater gear is now installed on the MTD garage in east Urbana. You’ll need to program a 103.5 Hz PL-tone to access the repeater. With an antenna height of 150 ft., this should provide excellent 70 cm coverage for the area. At our Oct. 11th meeting, I was pleased to see the Synton membership authorize the purchase of an ID-er for the 444.65 MHz machine. This item will be ordered and installed shortly.

Prof. Steve, K9AN, will be borrowing our HF dipole antenna for the remainder of the semester, as two of his students are working on a WWV decoding project. Steve noted that there might be some problems with the antenna that will need our attention when the experiment wraps up. I’m pleased to see that several of us are looking at other antenna alternatives (refurbishing our vertical, stringing up a V-beam similar to what we had at Physics House III, rigging a "cleaned-up" dipole or long wire, Zepp, etc.) that all appear feasible. We’ll get these antenna issues attacked as soon as we move our surplus gear to storage.

A final safety note -- let’s be extra alert to our personal security around the shack and around campus. Don’t invite trouble by leaving 330D open and unlocked while you run down the hall. Keep an eye on strangers in the hallway and offer to give directions if someone is wandering about. Use the non-emergency campus police phone number (333-8911) to report things that make you uneasy, suspicious or concerned. By all means, use the emergency number (9-911) to contact police if you find yourself a witness to dangerous or criminal activity.

Thanks again for your continued support. With membership like you, a club president’s job is the best one in town! See you around the shack or around the bands.

73 Tim, KM4KS
Synton ARC President


W9YH on 70 cm -- The W9YH repeater is now operational on 444.65 MHz. Use a 103.5 Hz PL-tone for access. Listen for the new W9YH ID-er coming soon!

Equipment Move -- We’re trying to get lined up with the right people inside ECE in order to gain access to the U of I’s Aeronomy Research site off-campus. Once we’ve got the necessary permission -- and keys! -- we can schedule our move and get the surplus gear safely stowed away.

330D Keys -- ECE’s Rody Negangard in 159 Everitt Lab now has the latest Synton membership roster, and will be happy to check out keys to the Everitt Lab front door and Room 330D.

License Examinations -- Next chance to test locally will be with the Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club (TCARC). They will be holding ARRL-VEC
license examinations on Sunday, January 21, 2001, 1 p.m., at the Fire Service Institute Building. Please bring picture identification, and both the original and a copy of your license and certificates of successful completion (CSCE).

Net Control? -- Anyone interested in representing Synton as net control for the Thursday night 2-meter net. The job is a lot of fun, and a good way to meet many of the local hams. Tell Tim, KM4KS <> if you’re interested in learning more.


Handbook Sales -- Anyone need a 1999 Handbook? At a good price? Two are still available in Room 330D EL.


Oct. 18 -- Club Meeting, 330D Everitt Lab, noon

Oct. 25 -- Club Meeting, 330D Everitt Lab, noon

Nov. 1 -- Club Meeting, 330D Everitt Lab, noon

Nov. 8 -- Club Meeting, 330D Everitt Lab, noon

Nov. 15 -- Club Meeting, 330D Everitt Lab, noon

Nov. 22 -- No meeting … Thanksgiving holiday


Checking 106.16
Savings 325.91
Voucher 462.38
TOTAL $894.45


President: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Vice President: -- Vacant --
Treasurer: Debbie Fligor (N9DN)
Secretary: -- Vacant --
Station Manager: -- Vacant --
QSL Manager: -- Vacant --
Public Service Manager: -- Vacant --
Engineering Council Representative: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Advisor: Prof. Jim Coleman (KA6A)

Last modified: Thursday, November 09 2000