Issue 5 January 1998

A note from the Editor
First, and apology. I was remiss and didn't get the December newsletter put together. Sorry about that folks. I hope everyone had a successful fall semester, and that I'll see you all at the new office this spring!
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A letter from the President
Hi Synton members and friends,

With hopes this finds your 1998 off to a good start, this is a great time
to look back over 1997 and see how things went for Synton during the year.

1997 saw a very gratifying increase in membership from five to 13. Spurred
perhaps by our "no dues" special, it was a pleasure to see some more faces
and meet up with some new hams on campus. Our Radio Amateur's Handbook
sales were a success ... we sold 46 copies ... through the spring and
summer, although the sales pace tapered off for the autumn semester. RAH
sales may become a Synton tradition as we seek ways to work more closely
with the instructional staff of ECE 353 for 1998. Synton now has a solid
presence on the World Wide Web and shows up on both the University
Registered Student Organization server, and Engineering Council server as
well. This effort should pay off in increased visibility for the club, and
ensure that the "Synton welcome" will be as up close and personal as a
computer monitor will allow.

1997 was a year of activities. These included antenna parties at Physics
House III which lead to the repair and installation of a dipole, vertical
and v-beam antennas. An autumn foxhunt, a pair of excellent picnics, and
our recent holiday pizza dinner at Papa Del's rounded out the year. We
stayed in touch during our regular Wednesday meetings, and enjoyed our
"Synton buys" monthly lunch treat. Synton also co-sponsored a holiday toy
drive in cooperation with other Engineering Societies. Engineering
freshmen checked in with us during Engineer's Night and got a chance to see
something of what amateur radio is all about.

1997 has not been without its special challenges ... a smoky fire from an
aging Hallicrafter's rig brought us some unfortunate publicity in 330C
Everitt Lab, and an attempted burglary failed at Physics House III. Both
incidents have a positive "lining" ... a reinforcement of the safety and
security message, and a recommitment to ensuring our facilities pose
neither danger nor nuisance to the University. Recently, our move from the
spacious 330C Everitt Lab to neighboring (and less spacious) 330D will
encourage us to find ways to maintain our current level of activity in a
few less square feet.

Let's wrap up 1997 with a message of thanks to the people that have made
Synton "go" this year: Wayne, AA9DY, has done a superb job handling club
finances and spearheading the "marketing" of the club. Debbie, N9DN, has
devoted much time to handling our newsletter, our web site, suggesting
activities and following up as a key team member. Debbie and Charlie,
KF9FF, deserve double thanks for hosting a Synton picnic, as does Al,
WB4OIH. Tor, N4OGW, kept the PH III shack up and running, and Rich, KB8LOE
was instrumental in keeping Synton represented at Engineering Council
meetings while I spent some time on the road, Chris, N9RQW, volunteered to
pick up QSL manager activities while Mark, N9GPA, agreed to be Synton's
liaison to the local ARES group. It was also good to see Doug, KB9BMQ,
Mario, N9ZCT, Alijeet, and Doug, KB9REZ during the year. Special thanks
are reserved for two special people: Jay, W9YR, the "corporate memory" of
Synton, who always has the club's interests closest to his heart, and
faculty advisor Jim, KA6A, who has worked tirelessly on Synton's behalf
throughout the year. Please resolve to say "thanks" to your fellow member
for their work during the year!

Now it's on to 1998! My first priority is to get our new 330D Everitt
facility squared away and ready for action, and to complete the antenna
installation at Physics House III. The first "official" meeting will be
Wednesday, January 28th, over lunch hour in Room 330D! I'll look forward
to seeing you then!

73 de Tim, KM4KS, Synton ARC President

Club News:

Don't forget to change your key! Rody will exchange your 330C key for a 330D key in 156 Everitt Lab

Treasurer's Report:
Last data on our funds:

Checking account --> $829.51
Voucher --> $306.84
Savings --> $463.15
Total --> $1599.50

Club Activities:

Got a suggestion for a club activity? send it to the mailinglist!

Local Amateur Radio News:

Twin City ARC is sponsoring an ARRL VE session this Sunday (1/18/98). It will start at 1pm, and will be at the Fire Service Institute. If you would like more information, please contact Howard Eskridge, K9GYI, either by Email at or phone him at 333-3800.

Officer list:
President: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Vice President: Still Vacant
Treasurer: Wayne Wagner (AA9DY)
Secretary: Debbie Fligor (N9DN)
Station Manager: Torsten Clay (N4OGW)
QSL Manager: Chris Bochna (N9RQW)
Public Service Manager: Mark Belding (N9GPA)
Engineering Council Representative: Tim Shy (KM4KS)
Advisor: Prof. Jim Coleman (KA6A)

de N9DN
Last modified: Tuesday, January 13 1998